Selective dissemination of information

The DSI, or Selective Information Dissemination, is a new service provided by the University Library that regularly delivers personalized research results to readers, communicating updates from the library’s document repository on a specific subject or field.


  • Assist users in their research work.
  • Gather relevant documentary resources from specialized sites and portals.
  • Provide users with various types of sought-after documentary information based on their profile.
  • Disseminate updates from the document repository.

This service also offers the opportunity to consult various catalogs: the UMBB collective catalog, the national CCdz collective catalog, the Arabic collective catalog, and other catalogs.

How to define your profile? To receive the table of contents of a document, specify the title. For references on new releases in your research field, briefly outline your needs or provide a few important keywords.

Asking a question To ask a librarian about bibliographies, portals and thematic guides, or the selection of Internet sites, you have two methods:

  1. For a document request or general information, formulate your request and send it.
  2. For advanced research or more comprehensive information, fill out the form. The response will be emailed to you.

For more information, contact us: