Access to resources

Access to electronic resources at UMBB is reserved for students, teachers, and M’hamed Bougara University – Boumerdes.

List of electronic resources:

1- SNDL:

  • SNDL provides access to a rich and varied national and international electronic documentation, covering all fields of education and scientific research.
  • It meets the needs of Algerian universities for high-quality electronic resources and scientific and technical documentation.

How to access SNDL?

Two access modes to SNDL:

1- Via the University’s IP address Intended for all students, teaching staff, and permanent researchers within university campuses.

2- Via an access code Dedicated to teaching staff, permanent researchers, postgraduate students (PhD and Master’s), engineering students at the end of their course, and Master 2 students.

How to obtain an SNDL access code?

If you are a researcher and/or teacher affiliated with a research laboratory: Approach your laboratory director.

If you are an unaffiliated teacher or a Master 2 student: Approach the university library (BU). An online registration form for the SNDL system is available at faculty libraries and the central library.

Registration is open from Sunday to Thursday from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM.

What resources are accessible through SNDL?

SNDL offers three types of resources:

  • Subscribed resources (click here)
  • Open Access resources (click here)

Locally accessible databases:

  • JSTOR: Provides access to electronic archives of nearly 700 periodicals across various disciplines such as humanities and social sciences, mathematics, and biology. Access via the University’s IP address
  • OpticsInfoBase: OSA Publishing is the largest collection of peer-reviewed optical and photonics information globally. Access via the University’s IP address